Nayan Parikh

Nayan Parikh & Mayor BloombergNayan Parikh is the founder and President of Ashnu International. Mr. Parikh began his career as a civil engineer in India. After migrating to the U.S. in 1994; he worked as an estimator for a small construction company.

Ashnu International was founded by Mr. Parikh in 1998 as a general contracting and construction management company based in New York City. Under his leadership Ashnu is one the trusted and premier service providers to a host of federal and state agencies as well as a diverse group of clients in the private sector.

In 2012 the Regional Alliance of Small Contractors awarded Nayan Parikh its “Contractor of the Year” award. As the key note speaker of the award presentation; New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg noted the important role contractors like Mr. Parikh play in completing projects in New York City.

Mr. Parikh is an active figure in supporting community based organizations. He has previously served as the president of the Society of Indo-American Engineers and Architects (SIAEA). The SIAEA works to promote increased representation of small minority and women owned businesses in construction and other related industries.

Mayor Bloomberg selected Nayan Parikh to serve on the Construction Mentorship Advisory Panel.

Additional positions held by Mr. Parikh;

Minority and Women Owned Businesses of New York City Advisory Board Member for the Mayor’s Office

Minority and Women Owned Businesses of New York City Department of Environmental Protection

Vice Chairman of Woodbridge, NJ Township Housing Authority

Woodbridge, NJ Township Planning Board